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A Product Market Grid is a marketing strategy tool used in market segmentation and target marketing — which are keys to a successful marketing strategy. (The Ansoff product/ market matrix is a useful strategy tool, but used for a different purpose) Provide Liquidity - Market Making Grid Bot. Market Makers are a particular form of traders. Usually, they own a large number of funds to trade with, while they pay no fees or even earn fee rebates, and some are paid or even get paid for providing a market with liquidity. As a market maker, you only use limit orders very close to the current price. The goal is to fill the order book and create as much trading volume as possible

Grid Trading is a strategy which can be used for market making just perfectly. It helps provide liquidity and by doing that it will create a ton of trading volume for the trader if it's configured for that purpose Gunbot Market Makers Strategy GRID BOTS Grid bots is the strategy developed by Gunthar De Niro specifically for Binance Futures and is customized to be used with the Market Makers bot. The GRID bots strategy is intended to never stop trading because it follows the price lines and posts various buys orders and various sell orders at different levels Grid Trading is a strategy that can be used for market making just perfectly. It helps provide liquidity and by doing that it will create a ton of trading volume for the trader if it's configured for that purpose. But (even though most Grid Traders don't think about it) it can also be incredibly useful on illiquid markets with thin order books In a few clicks, Market Grid gives you access to a marketing specialist ready to help you boost your business. No Drama, No Stress. Simply put we will be your do it all Digital Agency from building your website to graphic design and so much more to help you boost your business Market makers are critical providers of liquidity in markets as they constantly place bid and ask orders in the limit order book such that any market order will always be capable of being lled. The goal of the market maker is to strategically place these bids and asks to capture th

Subsea Power Grid Market Value and Growth Analysis: The global subsea power grid market is foreseen to rise from a value of $ 1,196.5 million in the year 2021 to $ 2,365.5 million by the end of the year 2026, with a current CAGR of 11.4% throughout the conjecture period A combination of market making and arbitrage, market make on one exchange while hedging any orders filled on another exchange. Details. Participate in DeFi. Liquidity mining. Boost your trading returns by earning token rewards for providing liquidity for specified token pairs. Details. Test Drive Contact the team to discuss a partnership. Apply your technical know-how and contribute to our.

An automated grid/ping-pong market-making bot for various exchanges. trading-bot cryptocurrency market-maker crypto-exchanges Updated Nov 2, 201 An automated grid/ping-pong market-making bot supporting various exchanges. In general, market making works by placing orders on both buy and sell sides. When an order is filled, the bot counters it by placing a new order on the opposing side Experienced traders use margin Grid Bots to make a profit without risking their long-term holding position. They are also used by traders who try to short or long the market. You have to set the lower and upper limit, leverage, grids, borrowable fund, daily interest, and estimated liquidation price. They provide four leverage options - 0.2X, 0.5X,1X, and 2X. The daily interest and the. We make connections. With our extra-high voltage grid, we transport energy from the point of generation through to the centres of consumption - quickly, reliably and at a stable grid frequency of 50 hertz. Providing coverage throughout Baden-Württemberg, from the wind parks in the North of Germany down to the South and then further on through Europe

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The 2021 Meteorology & Market Design for Grid Services Workshop will be held online with sessions beginning on June 1 and closing on June 29. Below you will find a list of the scheduled session topics, speaker/presentation information and registration links for each session. Please note, all sessions are FREE to attend Market Structures Need to Align Grid Operational & DER Commercial Requirements Plus, Distribution Provider Services Need to Align with DER Market Reqt's. 12 States Turning Concepts Into Practice 12 Utilities must transform into market-makers who solve problems at the edge of the system Audrey Zibelman, Chair, NY PSC May 2014 Several states have open proceedings or having. Grid Trading works best in the ranging sideways market and using a bot you could execute your strategy even when you are sleeping. Grid trading gives you profit with ups and downs of the price fluctuations in the market, and works best when any particular pair is in a range with no clear up or down trend in a longer period Grid Harvester is an advanced trading robot, that uses grid trading to harvest maximum out of trending and oscillating markets. This method of trading is often used to attain high percentage account growths by social traders on a highly unpredictable markets, where simple buy/sell robots are having hard time operating. It can be also used with greatly reduced risk for managing bigger accounts. These companies are making the electric grid more reliable. These companies are making the electric grid more reliable. Latest Stock Picks Investing Basics Premium Services. Return. S&P. Stock.

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  1. High-voltage grids distribute the electricity to urban areas or directly to major industrial concerns. Medium voltage: 6 kV to 60 kV (grid length around 520,000 km) The medium voltage grid distributes the electricity to regional transformer substations, or directly to large facilities such as hospitals or factories
  2. Grid Modeler let you Boolean Cut by drawn shape or Create mesh on top of each other. It is a new modeling workflow in blender. It is proven and very efficient. Features - Boolean Cut - Create new faces - Boolean Slicing - Powerful Shape functions - Advanced Grid System - Construction Lines - Create Pipes Grids are very precise and easy to use. You can orient your grid plane by any directions. It is designed to be an very advanced grid system
  3. The key to the value of DERs is that they make electricity demand more controllable. With energy generation and storage scattered throughout distribution grids, grid operators have a way to move energy around, both geographically and temporally, without firing up more power plants. They can absorb extra energy if there's a dip in demand or produce extra energy if there's a spike. The overall effect is to smooth out the demand curve
  4. How Texas electricity regulators can use markets to make the grid more reliable Lynne Kiesling and Vernon L. Smith: Markets don't replace regulations, but complement them
  5. Press release - WiseGuyResearch Consultants Pvt Ltd - Global Smart Grid Optimization Solutions Market By Technology, Share, Demand, Growth, Opportunity, Projection Analysis Forecast Outlook 2026.

The Smart Grid Sensors Market report includes comprehensive information about the market's major competitors, including various organizations, companies, associations, suppliers and. Grid customers. TenneT is interested in safe as well as fair access to the maximum voltage grid for all market participants. To make sure that reliable grid operation is not compromised, all grid subscribers must meet minimum requirements with their plants on achieving the 10 % electricity interconnection target - Making Europe's electricity grid fit for 2020 (2015/2108(INI))The European Parliament, - having regard to the Commission communication entitled 'Achieving the 10 % electricity interconnection target' (COM(2015)0082),- having regard to the European Council conclusions of 15-16 March 2002

Global grid connected battery storage market generated revenue of US$ 996.8 million in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 4,242.4 million by 2025. The market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 20.0% in the forecast period. Increasing demand for renewable energy is one of the major driving factors for growth of the market, use of renewable energy. Market Makers - Limit Orders vs Market Orders. Strategy 1: Delta Neutral Market Making. Strategy 2: High-Frequency Trading - The Stoikov Market Maker. Strategy 3: Grid Trading. Market Maker Myths. Market Makers Set Prices. Market Makers and Stop Hunting A hedged grid is a play on market volatility.There are two reasons why it's appealing to forex traders.. The first is that it doesn't require you to have a definitive prediction on the market direction.. The second is that it works well in volatile, ranging markets, where there isn't a clear trend - conditions that are common in the currency markets The product market expansion grid was specified by the Ansoff's matrix. The product market expansion grid is used for planning by a company when the company is looking to increase the sale of its products either by expanding product range or entering new markets.Thus, there are various strategies that the company can develop when it compares the product with the current market Grid Drawing Tool by ArtTutor Star

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In some parts of the grid, it may be necessary to make grid upgrades and shorten the duration of outages by extending working hours. However, other regions might not be affected at all. It is hard to anticipate where the critical assets that will cause problems are located until customers and power producers in these regions of the grid are repeatedly affected and thus protest or take public. In an integrated market, power producers in Denmark should be able to sell to suppliers in Italy, with transmission grid operators making it possible to transport the electricity across Europe. The EU also aims to get more of its power from renewables, and says an integrated market can smooth out the effects of volatile wind and solar power generation on the grid, simply because the weather. off-grid market activities 7 • Understand different sub-industry focus areas, major initiatives underway, plans / strategies, and sensitivities • Review current interventions, broader mandates, preferred models and existing collaborations Government Development orgs • Understand available products, current market share, growth plans, challenges to scale and strategic differences Private.

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  1. Sometimes called the Product/Market Expansion Grid, the Matrix (see figure 1, below) shows four strategies you can use to grow. It also helps you analyze the risks associated with each one. The idea is that each time you move into a new quadrant (horizontally or vertically), risk increases. Figure 1: The Ansoff Matrix . Tip: You can also use the Ansoff Matrix as a personal career planning tool.
  2. ation on how to integrate more small-scale solar - and other new energy technology like batteries - into the electricity grid. We can decarbonise the electricity sector faster and cheaper if we connect more small solar customers and make it worthwhile for them to install batteries
  3. Grid trading refers to the trading approach which uses fixed price levels to enter and exit trades. On the bright side, a grid trading strategy can profit from the same absolute market movement several times and can even make money if the market is moving against your grid. On the downside it can appear complex and illogical initially, it can.
  4. Grid feed-in. The network feed-in is the total amount of all inputs of interconnectors, power stations, distribution networks and large consumer networks into the transmission network. These values are published in tables, as a diagram and with the additional possibility to be downloaded as a file
  5. The Forex grid trading strategy is a technique that seeks to make a profit on the natural movement of the market by positioning buy stop orders and sell stop orders at different intervals above and below a set price. Because levels are set on both sides, this is sometimes referred to as a double grid trading strategy
  6. A quick and easy way to compare your product or service with similar ones on the market is to make a competition grid. Down the left side of a piece of paper, write the names of four or five.

Trend Line GRID EA trade the first order based on the indicator signal and builds a grid if the price deviates. After a certain number of orders, the DrawDown Reduction function is enabled, which reduces the most unprofitable orders by closing them with a counter profit. EA also accompanies trades opened in manual mode and resolves them into a profit. The recommended Deposit amount is from. Grid computing is the use of widely distributed computer resources to reach a common goal. A computing grid can be thought of as a distributed system with non-interactive workloads that involve many files. Grid computing is distinguished from conventional high-performance computing systems such as cluster computing in that grid computers have each node set to perform a different task/application

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Market participants need to base their decisions on their overall thesis of how the market is likely to play out and really do your due diligence on what the fundamental value of the battery is. This begins with learning the physical profile of the different parts of the grid and riding that development from the early stage of deployments as you see the demand for it increase Vancouver, British Columbia, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global microgrid market size is expected to reach USD 61.18 Billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 10.5%, according to a current analysis.

The smart grid market in China is estimated to be $22.3 billion with a projected growth to $61.4 billion by 2015. Honeywell is developing a demand response pilot and feasibility study for China with the State Grid Corp. of China using the OpenADR demand response standard. The State Grid Corp., the Chinese Academy of Science, and General Electric intend to work together to develop standards for. Hatching eggs from in-demand poultry breeds can sell for $2 to $3 each, and there's a healthy market for online sales. If you have very dependable off-grid power, take one more step and hatch those eggs out into chicks and the price can double. It's not unheard of to make as much as $1000 per month from as few as 15 chickens How To Start A Rural Homestead, Part 1: Income (Making A Living Off The Grid) Homesteading used to imply rural, but nowadays you can homestead in urban and suburban settings as well. The term has expanded to encompass people with a patio garden and a couple of chickens in the backyard who simply enjoy farm hobbies. To be clear though, in this series of blog posts, I'm referring to. Capacity market auctions determine, three years in advance, what price generators will receive to make their output available to grid operators. Generators get paid whether they produce power or not

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How to make money off the grid is a key concern for most off grid families.Although it would be great to not need money at all, the plain truth is there are some things you just can't make, grow, hunt, or barter for.. Property taxes must be paid, and I've yet to find an insurance company that will accept eggs, wild game, or handcrafted furniture in exchange for home or automobile insurance Grid Trading has its advantages when the market is in volatility, but it also has its shortcomings — if you want to maximize profits in an upward or downward trend, holding your token or your. Off the Grid is reopening three Bay Area food truck events next Tuesday, June 15, a tentative but optimistic step in the popular market operator's slow recovery from the disruption of the pandemic Figure 1: Obtainable market size in India by 2030 (Millions of USD) 11 INTRODUCTION Insufficient data about off-grid appropriate1 appliances makes it difficult for manufacturers, policymakers, distributors, mini-grid operators, investors, and other market actors to make informed decisions. These information gaps make it difficult to increas

DS Grids This section explains the various functions that can be used to create and manipulate ds_grids. A ds_grid is basically a type of two-dimensional array.You define the grid by setting its integer width and height, which then sets the total number of cells within the grid (the width and height multiplied) and these cells are then used to hold different data values (real numbers or. Smart Grid Cyber Security Market research report delivers a close watch on leading competitors with strategic analysis, micro and macro market trend and scenarios, pricing analysis and a holistic overview of the market situations in the forecast period. It is a professional and a detailed report focusing on primary and secondary drivers, market share, leading segments and geographical analysis.

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Gatekeepers of the electric grid - and electricity markets - in the US discuss the primary challenges facing energy storage and reveal what their organisations are doing to unlock the true value of batteries and other storage. In this session from the Energy Storage Summit USA, hosted earlier this year by our publisher Solar Media, representatives of the New York ISO (NYISO), ISO New England. Grid edge is the interface where the intelligent grid meets smart buildings. Technologies at the grid edge help buildings make the best use of their energy - with side-based decentralized generation and storage, intelligent fleet charging systems, optimization of energy efficiency, operations and maintenance, and innovative business models Classic Grid is more complex, and essentially taken advantage of the volatility in crypto markets. KuCoin describes it as a type of quantitative trading that uses a grid to set up different price points. The bot waits for these price points to be reached, so it can either buy the cryptoasset low, or sell it high. The exchange notes: When the price drops into one of these grids, a buy order. Texas' power grid operator has asked people to reduce electric use as much as possible until Friday following days of searing heat and a significant number of forced generation outages.. Why it matters: The request by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) comes months after a deadly winter storm blew out the state's power infrastructure and left millions of Texans without power. From pv magazine Australia. The Australian unit of South Korean solar module maker Hanwha Q Cells has revealed that more and more installers and residential customers are looking at going off grid.

A dds details, company response, background. June 10 (R) - The UK's competition regulator said on Thursday it was investigating National Grid's NG.L proposed $11 billion purchase of England. Grid-wide prices could fall to about $85 per megawatt-day from $140 in the previous auction in 2018, according to analyst estimates collected by Bloomberg. Coal plants may not be able to clear the lower end of that price, according to Katie Bays, an analyst at FiscalNote Markets. Even if some coal plants make it this time around, long-term patterns show that the fuel's future is limited Subsea Power Grid Market Value and Growth Analysis: The global subsea power grid market is foreseen to rise from a value of $ 1,196.5 million in the year 2021 to $ 2,365.5 million by the end of the year 2026, with a current CAGR of 11.4% throughout the conjecture period. The worldwide market is experiencing decent expansion based in increased energy call and significant investment for offshore. The BCG growth-share matrix displays the various business units on a graph of the market growth rate vs. market share relative to competitors: BCG Growth-Share Matrix. Resources are allocated to business units according to where they are situated on the grid as follows: Cash Cow - a business unit that has a large market share in a mature, slow growing industry. Cash cows require little. By grasping the market dynamics, grid trading will create orders at incrementally increasing and decreasing prices to make profits from the volatility. In doing so, individual investors will gain profits from the price gap on the market. How to use Classic Grid? The Classic Grid uses AI parameters by default, the trading bot will set the parameters for you on the basis of your historical.

Chet Lyons October 10, 2013. Research: 5 Companies Positioned to Succeed in Grid-Scale Energy Storage. The energy storage industry is in the early stages of what will become a giant global market. FERC regulates the electricity grid on a larger scale than PUCs and can resolve disputes among different market participants on the grid. Transmission networks are sometimes managed by utilities, but some networks are managed by separate entities known as Independent System Operators (ISOs) or Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs). These companies facilitate competition among electricity. Clearly, updating our energy infrastructure is a pressing need, and many investors are charged up about the companies helping to bring our grid into the 21st century: Companies like Itron ( NASDAQ.

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  1. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub). See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Proportion Grid Maker
  2. ds of the customers and how it is distinguished from the products of the competitors and different from the concept of brand awareness. In order to position products or brands, companies may emphasize the distinguishing features of their brand (what it is.
  3. Understanding Texas' energy grid failure. February 23, 2021. Record cold temperatures plunged Texas into a power crisis last week, with millions in the state losing power. The failure demonstrates the vulnerability of power grids to shifting weather patterns that come with climate change. However, the situation in Texas was made more complex.
  4. The key market driver for the global self-healing grids market is the growing adoption of clean energy sources such as wind and solar, which initiate the need for new grids installations. The technological advancements in grids which make maintenance easier are also the other factor which will drive the growth of the global self-healing grids market
  5. A lot of people who live off the grid and have a day job in the nearest city manage to quit their job and make a full-time income at the farmer's market. The best part about homesteading is that you do not need a lot of money to survive, in the beginning, your monthly cost will be higher but once you manage to grow some crops and livestock you will have the ability to make a profit
  6. Microgrid Market Value Worth $33 Billion by 2027, Says Global Market Insights Inc. Microgrid industry demand is projected to register more than 27% CAGR between 2021 and 2027, owing to the.

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  1. Vehicle-to-Grid Business Model - Entering the Swiss Energy Market _ II Crossing the grid parity will be a breaking point in our economy. This threshold is like 0 and 1 degree Celsius on the temperature scale, it's the difference between ice and water. In markets it is the difference between frozen up markets and liqui
  2. Business How Norwegian electricity gets into the German power grid. NordLink is one of the world's longest subsea cables. It connects the energy grids of Norway and Germany, with a test run.
  3. Broker vs. Market Maker: An Overview . There are many different players that take part in the market. These include buyers, sellers, dealers, brokers, and market makers.Some help to facilitate.
  4. A grid trading strategy is unique because it allows you to take a number of trades at the same time, in an attempt to make larger profits. There are many types of trading systems, but this model has worked best for us. The drawbacks are that trades are not suited for big trends and may incur losses in downtrends
  5. As the DER markets grow, customers are more often expecting their resources to be better integrated into the grid and the utility to participate in providing energy services. DER Opportunities for Utilities. Despite the many challenges that the DER markets are causing, utilities can look forward to exciting opportunities to change their business models and secure lasting growth. Participate in.
  6. 1. Top Smart Meter Maker: Itron. When it comes to smart meters, Itron Inc. (NSDQ: ITRI) is top dog. The Spokane, Wash.-based smart meter manufacturer holds the top spot for market share in North.

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I show you how to use a solar micro grid tie inverter. It's easy to install on your solar panel and plugs into a wall outlet.Missouri Wind And SolarWEBSITE:. What's a Green Grid and Can Biden Make One? (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. power grid, the biggest machine on Earth, delivers more than $400 billion of electricity a year through almost 7 million miles (11 million kilometers) of transmission and distribution lines. This interconnected system of generating plants, wires, transformers and substations. fundamental realignment to make a smarter grid get here faster FOUR The Smart Grid: What It Is. What It Isn't. Why it's important to know the difference THREE The Grid as It Stands: What's at Risk? The many hazards associated with operating the 20th century grid in the 21st century. The lights may be on, but consider what we're missing EIGHT 32Progress Now!: A Look at Current. Equinor, BP, Orsted and Iberdrola are among those that have already entered the market. National Grid announced the US plan as it reported a 19 per cent improvement in full-year pre-tax profit to. As variable renewables enter the grid they are learning the tricks about selling their product - electrons - in an open market. For solar and wind plants it's a fairly simple case of trading in the energy market, with a little bit of nuance around frequency control ancillary services (FCAS) charges. Batteries, however, will trade eight FCAS markets, making nine products - and because a.

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  1. the NYISO is working harder than ever to make the Grid of the Future a reality. Thank you for reading. Richard Dewey President and CEO From the CEO. POWER TRENDS 2021 | 3 Ne w Yo rk ISO Executive Summary.. 5 Introduction: System Planning and Competitive Markets Support Public Policy.. 7 The Essential Role of the NYISO's Markets.. 8 Figure 1: Emission Rates from Electric Generation.
  2. g an essential part of this equation - ESS can jump-start generators that help restore power. Utilities in Puerto Rico have been working to.
  3. First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure Index Fund's stock was trading at $46.82 on March 11th, 2020 when Coronavirus (COVID-19) reached pandemic status according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Since then, GRID stock has increased by 90.8% and is now trading at $89.32. View which stocks have been most impacted by COVID-19
  4. Zion market research has recently published a research study on Smart Grid Networking Market.The Global Smart Grid Networking Market Research Report Covers, Future Trends, Size, Share, Past, Present Data and Deep Analysis, And Forecast, 2021-2027.To calculate the market size, the report considers revenue generated from the sales of products under the scope of the report
  5. A vast network of power plants, transmission lines, and distribution centers together make up the U.S. electric grid. The grid constantly balances the supply and demand for the energy that powers.
  6. Our data on the 50Hertz transmission system and the 50Hertz grid area are of particular interest to market participants such as electricity traders, but also to associations, politicians and universities which is why 50Hertz is happy to make them available to the public. This way, the public is always informed about how 50Hertz contributes to a reliable energy supply. Our work consists of more.
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The IEC's fundamental mission is to make electrotechnology work for industries and countries throughout the world. Beyond the Smart Grid, the IEC is also deeply involved in improving the efficiency, safety and performance of all devices and systems that contain electronics and generate, use, distribute or store electricity OFF-GRID SOLAR MARKET ASSESSMENTS. These reports by Power Africa provide insights into the opportunities and risks associated off-grid solar energy markets in various countries and gives companies, investors, governments, and other stakeholders a deeper understanding of the market. While there are other market assessments conducted by other. Make photo collage with Free style or Grid style. Crop pictures and edit photo with Filter, Text. Insta square photo with blur background for Instagram. Save photo in high resolution and share pictures to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, etc. Photo Frames Photo in templates is much trendy nowadays. Tons of photo frames and effects make your moment stunning, like love photo frames.

These two tech companies will make the US power grid smarter. Michelle Lewis. - Oct. 15th 2020 12:19 pm PT. Energy storage tech solutions company Fluence, a Siemens and AES company based in. Making esports data beautiful — GRID. By. Billy Studholme. -. June 3, 2021. This piece first appeared in The Esports Journal Edition 8. To a data company, 'esports' is about as useful a category as 'European' or 'African' is a nationality. Esports titles share some likenesses — they are all digital, chiefly — but they differ. provide support to private off-grid companies and make the markets in sub-Saharan Africa more attractive for investment and operations. Power Africa defines access as the direct or actual number of new households and businesses connected to electricity via an on- or off-grid solution. The project focuses on accelerating off-grid energy access through household SHSs and mini-grids, with.

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The guidelines aim to provide for power procurement through the administered process as well as from the spot market through power exchanges to pay for ancillary services and maintaining the grid frequency close to 50 Hz. The regulations have made provisions for allowing for energy storage and demand response resources to participate in providing ancillary services. CERC has invited comments. (Bloomberg) -- Heat waves in Texas and California are threatening to push electrical grids to the brink, prompting the specter of blackouts yet again in the two most populous U.S. states.Texas.

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